Top 10 Wedding Destinations Around the World

An amazing destination wedding will leave a lasting impression on all your guests, whether that means beachside ceremonies or mountaintop retreats. Here are 10 incredible destinations.

France offers everything needed for an idyllic wedding, from Paris’ historic monuments and its lush Riviera to foodie Provence and wine country getaways such as Loire Valley with its many chateaux and vineyards.

1. Sicily

Sicily stands out as an attractive wedding destination thanks to its culture, history and traditions. Boasting breathtaking Mediterranean Sea and stunning natural landscapes that come together here.

This resort overlooks the crystal blue sea, covering 230 hectares and offering over one mile of private coastline. Ideal for couples looking for an authentic Sicilian experience.

Timeo Grand Hotel marries ancient European architecture with modern amenities for an unparalleled stay experience. This historic venue features exquisite halls, romantic gardens, and breathtaking views of both Mount Etna and the sea from every room in this historic location.

2. Santorini

Santorini, an idyllic Greek island known for its charming colors and picturesque historical ruins, sandy beaches, and luxurious venues is a popular wedding destination due to its rich cultural history and traditions.

Jamaica offers more than just sun-kissed Caribbean getaways – it is a vibrant island steeped in reggae music, Rastafarianism and its signature spices – providing something to satisfy every budget and personality. All-inclusive resorts to ultra luxurious hotels make Jamaica an island retreat with something for every pocket and personality!

3. Tenerife

The Canary Islands are an iconic cultural destination that have taken influences from various nations over their long history, while still staying true to themselves and their roots. From Tenerife Carnaval to its delicious cuisine, it makes one of the top travel spots for anyone searching for an authentic experience.

France may be best known as an idyllic romantic destination, yet this small European nation offers much more than its bustling capital: wine-rich Loire Valley and bucolic Provence are also hallmarks of beauty, while its cuisine fuses traditional dishes with cutting-edge cuisine trends.

4. Crete

Crete has an ancient culture and tradition dating back over 3 millennia. Orthodox Christians revere their Saints and celebrate all major life milestones such as births or deaths with vibrant celebrations.

Discover Crete’s exquisite craftsmanship from basket-making and fabric weaving, to pottery making with vases that recall those found in Minoan palaces, pottery painting and more. Take home something memorable like knee-high riding boots (stivania) or white sariki headscarf to commemorate your experience!

France may be an ideal wedding destination if your ideal wedding combines fairy-tale castles, gardens and fine wines with rustic gites or elegant chateaux as the setting. Your guests can indulge in authentic French cuisine and wines while staying in charming accommodations such as rustic gites or elegant chateaux.

5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers breathtaking beaches and jaw-dropping cliffs, making it one of the top destination wedding locations. Additionally, couples can draw upon its rich culture, history and traditions for an unforgettable wedding celebration day.

Iceland provides the perfect setting for those seeking an out-of-doors fairytale with breathtaking prairies, gardens and mountain ranges to inspire guests with its immense natural beauty.

Paris provides the ideal setting for an elegant and glamorous event, boasting captivating architecture, exquisite restaurants and breathtaking art galleries that create a romantic and unforgettable setting.

6. South Africa

Many couples dream of hosting their destination wedding at an exotic locale, yet finding an appropriate site can be daunting. Finding a venue worthy of hosting such an important celebration can make all the difference in its success and should always be top of your priority list.

South Africa is home to vibrant culture and breathtaking sights. Traditional crafts include decorated ostrich eggs, biltong (dried beef cut into slices either plain or spiced), technicolor beadwork items and wood carvings; its people are friendly and welcoming while shopping expeditions here offer beautiful handmade goods at incredible value; barbeques (braais) are treasured social rituals of note in South Africa too!

7. Malaga

Are you in search of an exotic wedding location? For an idyllic setting on Spain’s beautiful southeastern coast, Malaga provides plenty of picturesque locales for hosting your special event. With breathtaking beaches and seaside venues – both secluded and open – Malaga provides many breathtaking venues perfect for celebrating your big day.

Sin City may still offer drive-through chapels and Elvis impersonators, but there’s so much more to this lively destination! Say your vows at a luxurious hotel like Ritz Paris with majestic ballrooms and signature Parisian details; or host your celebration at Agreco Estate with its traditional Greek estate surrounded by olive groves for an unforgettable event!

8. Palm Springs

Greater Palm Springs offers more than golf vacations or relaxing poolside vacations; its diverse culture and traditions encompass gardens like Sunnylands Center and Gardens as well as art gallery exhibits that make this California desert getaway appealing to everyone.

California desert oasis Cabazon Dinosaurs make this two-hour drive from Los Angeles an attractive retreat, making for an idyllic escape for snowbirds and celebrities. Plus it boasts world-class museums, beautiful architecture and some unexpected roadside attractions!

9. Seville

Seville is a city that knows how to celebrate: its streets vibrate to the rhythms of flamenco dancers, while restaurants provide traditional fare.

Experience an iconic local tradition at Feria de Abril, a week-long fiesta featuring flamenco dancing and horse races, or join Semana Santa celebrations featuring elaborate floats depicting scenes from Jesus’ Passion.

Attend a processional with the members of a Brotherhood for an authentic experience. These group devotees know their way around town and can guide you through crowds to see the floats.

10. Cozumel

Making the decision where and when to get married can be one of the first major hurdles newlyweds must navigate. From romantic outdoor ceremonies surrounded by monkeys to intimate beach ceremonies tucked between palm trees, there’s an ideal wedding location out there somewhere for every couple’s dreams of marriage.

Cozumel is a tropical paradise tucked between one of the world’s largest coral reef systems and wildlife-filled nature reserves, all-inclusive resorts offering wedding planning teams to alleviate your wedding stress, and alluring beaches for exploring. Cozumel provides the ideal place for celebrating love among family and friends!