The Ultimate Checklist For Your Destination Wedding in New Zealand

Planning a wedding can be time-consuming and hectic, which is why we have created this convenient checklist to keep things on track and help keep the planning on track. Download yours now.

Start searching for discounted flights 12 months out from your wedding date, double checking passport and travel visa requirements as necessary.

Send out Save the Date cards. Create a wedding website as an information hub and planning resource for guests.

1. Venue

New Zealand boasts an amazing variety of rustic and romantic venues for any special event, whether that be on a mountaintop, waterfront getaway or vineyard venue – there’s sure to be one that fits perfectly with your vision for your big day!

Tamahere offers this beautiful venue equipped with a dedicated private events team to assist in planning the big day. Packages offered by this venue include custom menu, venue hire, accommodation and catering options tailored to fit every budget.

2. Accommodation

As soon as your guest list is in place, it may be prudent to confirm hotel and flight reservations for yourself and all of your guests as well as confirm your seating chart and begin designing place cards.

New Zealand is known for its scenic fjords and dramatic mountains – perfect backdrops for an epic journey! And with luxury lodges and hotels located along waterfront sanctuaries, picturesque wineries or remote alpine hideaways – offering dramatic luxury accommodation experiences!

3. Transport

Greenhill Lodge offers couples seeking an intimate wedding venue in New Zealand an excellent option. By hosting only limited weddings each year, couples are treated like royalty.

New Zealand lacks many multi-lane roads, making driving in this country longer than you may anticipate. Add hairpin turns, one-lane bridges and gravel stretches into the mix and you can understand why your travel time could increase considerably.

Do not forget your passport, visa (if required), and evidence of an unsuccessful pre-departure health test as New Zealand has stringent bio-security regulations.

4. Entertainment

With an average New Zealand wedding costing $35,000, it is vital that every last detail of your big day are covered – this includes discussing ceremony readings and vows with your officiant; creating a shot list for your photographer/videographer; as well as sharing any necessary vaccination or blood tests information with guests.

New Zealand is an incredible land of breathtaking landscapes and thrilling adventures, making it one of the world’s must-visit nations. Boasting everything from lush forests and incredible hiking routes to world-class wine production and world-renowned Sauvignon Blanc production, New Zealand truly offers something for everyone.

5. Food & Beverages

New Zealand offers dramatic fjords, lush forests, world-class hiking and unforgettable Sauvignon Blanc; no other place can match its breathtaking scenery and captivating experiences like New Zealand can. Don’t miss this incredible adventure destination that simply can’t be captured with photography alone – don’t miss it if you consider yourself an adventurer!

New Zealand does not permit high heels, so utilitarian footwear will be required. Be sure to pack comfortable clothing such as tank tops and shorts which won’t sink into grass or get damaged on cobblestone pathways, along with a sun hat to shield yourself from its harsh rays!

6. Flowers & Decor

New Zealand offers something special for every type of wedding celebration imaginable – from exchanging vows by Lake Wanaka among stunning mountains, to outdoor elopements. If flower arrangements and decor are top priorities for you, be sure to find a florist that specializes in destination weddings.

One Fine Day are an experienced team of wedding professionals offering luxury wedding planning, event styling and creative direction in Auckland weddings. Specializing in sculptural flowers their Auckland weddings are always elegant and unforgettable – for Harry Potter fans they even create magical potions to make your big day even more magical!

7. Hair & Makeup

Bex will create the ideal wedding hair and makeup look, no matter if your ceremony will take place on an idyllic beach, in an exquisite vineyard, or hidden away on a mountain retreat. Based in Auckland but open to travel anywhere across NZ for your big day!

One Fine Day’s passion for design and details allows them to combine luxury wedding planning and event styling seamlessly, providing unique experiences that last well past the big day – making it effortless for you to realize your wedding dream.

8. Photography & Videography

New Zealand photographer Nikita Kealey-Howell brings a homegrown, eco-friendly aesthetic to her work and specialises in making couples comfortable so she can capture their true personalities through photography. She takes great pride in getting to know each couple before their big day arrives and offering guidance regarding timelines, locations and local suggestions for their wedding photos.

Charlotte Kiri strives to capture those special moments that might otherwise go unnoticed, from small gestures to epic ones, beneath the mountains of Wanaka and Queenstown. Charlotte creates truly distinctive photographs and highlight films.

9. Entertainment & Lighting

Some destination wedding ideas draw inspiration from popular culture icons. If you’re a Harry Potter enthusiast, consider having a wand ceremony or creating a potion together with your guests as part of their experience at your celebration.

One Fine Day wedding planners specialize in crafting transportive experiences for their couples. By combining planning, styling and creative direction techniques to ensure all details come together seamlessly, One Fine Day recommends setting up ceremony programs early so that guests can easily receive them before the ceremony takes place; and in warmer destinations considering providing fans to your guests so that they remain cool throughout it all.

10. Entertainment & Lighting Suppliers

Planning a destination wedding can be both exciting and nerve-wracking! After all, not only are you organizing your big day but also organizing a vacation for friends and family!

Start confirming details with your vendors. Make updates to your wedding website regularly as plans develop, order welcome bags and favors, double check you have all necessary legal documents for travel and tour of venue with coordinator, plan pre/post wedding events such as rehearsal dinner and recovery lunch and book them accordingly.