Destination Wedding Stories – Real Couples Share Their Destination Wedding Stories

Planning an international wedding can be challenging. It requires time off work, money for travel and accommodations costs, as well as often not being possible or realistic for all guests invited.

So it is vital to become a destination wedding expert, providing guidance on regional norms and local vendors. In doing so, you act as their eyes on the ground to assist them through the planning of their big day.

Sarah Tonkin Photography

Sarah Tonkin is the go-to destination wedding photographer in Australia and New Zealand, known for blending romanticism and editorialism in her photos. With an unobtrusive approach and keen eye for detail, Sarah captures every aspect of a couple’s day from intimate boutique elopements to grand celebrations around the globe – always with stunning beauty!

Pia Bacino is an old soul with a Latin flair who uses photography and storytelling to capture life’s precious moments with care and empathy, prioritizing authentic relationships over superficial ones. She’s on a mission to preserve them through stories and images! As an empathetic storyteller and photographer, Pia is dedicated to documenting love stories with authenticity that shine a spotlight on what truly defines love and life – with emphasis placed on maintaining their authenticity as the primary focus.

Oliver Hartley, a Sydney-based photographer who loves traveling the world and documenting international love stories through photography. A strong supporter of all forms of love – especially LGBTQIA+ community members – his empathetic approach ensures all authentic moments from weddings are preserved forever.

Danelle Bohane stands out with her work by being adept at capturing those fleeting glances, tender embraces, or joyful laughter moments with great sensitivity. A skilled photographer, Danelle masterfully captures these timeless images which will remain in your heart for generations to come. Her photos ooze serenity; an ideal reminder of life’s most significant milestones.

Loren Ioppolo Photography

Destination weddings can be an incredible way to commemorate your love. But planning such an event requires considerable planning and execution; as with any big event, unexpected issues often arise. From rainstorms on your big day or unexpected travel delays, these couples share their real-life stories of how they managed the ups and downs of destination weddings successfully.

At the core of any successful destination wedding lies keeping guest lists to a minimum. Not everyone you love can afford the time, cost and effort involved with traveling halfway across the world for your ceremony; so inviting only those closest to them ensures everyone feels supported by attending their celebration.

Visitors to a destination location can save money by extending their stay for several days at a destination location, giving them time to fully immerse themselves in its culture while creating lasting memories with loved ones. Plus, this allows guests to avoid gifts which can put an unnecessary strain on couples as well as wallets – if you do wish to give something, why not donate money towards their honeymoon fund instead?

Danelle Bohane Photography

An international wedding requires more planning than choosing your venue and inviting guests. You must consider things such as language barriers and immigration regulations when planning the big day – but finding an exceptional planner and photographer who will assist in making this experience seamless could make all the difference!

New Zealand-based Danelle Bohane excels at bringing beautiful landscapes to life for her clients. Not just a mere documentarian; Danelle’s artistry lies in crafting narratives with just one click of a camera – immortalizing raw emotions and minute details for posterity.

Bohane has earned the trust of couples for her wedding photography services. Her approach focuses on capturing moments between couples and their loved ones rather than following trends dictate her work.

She excels at capturing couples enjoying romantic beach sunsets or rustic winter celebrations at Poronui Lodge; her work is always impeccable and timeless, due to her meticulous attention to detail paired with an intuitive sense of how natural elements impact each scene.

Salt Media

Destination weddings can be the perfect fit for adventurous couples with a love for travel. Perhaps their partner proposed under stunning views in Bora Bora or they first vacationed together somewhere like Italy; these experiences often inspire couples to choose a place that brings back fond memories and allows for an intimate yet unforgettable celebration.

At Salt Media, a husband-and-wife team work to capture heartwarming destination wedding moments with an innovative storytelling approach. Soph and Nath bring their creative synergy to the process, forging genuine connections with all their clients that help reveal the real stories behind each love story they document.

Brenchley recommends couples planning a Bali destination wedding visit the island before their big day – even for just a short stay – in order to gain an idea of its weather conditions and vendor options. By doing this, couples will know exactly what to expect when it comes to weather and venue choices for their ceremony.

To legally marry in Bali, it’s necessary to bring several documents with you, including passports and birth certificates as well as eight four-by-six centimeter photos taken side by side. Furthermore, you’ll need to visit your home country’s embassy to register the wedding and obtain a letter of non-impediment; Brenchley advises doing this early so as to reduce stress upon arriving.